Golisi L2 USB Charger
  • Golisi L2 USB Charger

    Product introduction
    Golisi L2 USB Charger, made with high quality ASB+ PC+ Fire proof resistant materials, allows vaper to choose charging current among 0.5A, 1A and 2A. L2 is compatible with 3.6V/3.7V Li-ion batteries and 1.2V Ni-cd / Ni-mh batteries ranging 32-70mm in length, 32 mm in diameter.

    Input: DC 5V/ 2A
    Output: Li-ion 4.2±0.05V (2A*1, 1A*2)
    Ni-mh/ Ni-cd 1.48V (0.5A*2)
    Compatible with:
    Li-ion 18650/ 26650/ 21700/20700/18500/18490/18350 etc
    Ni-mh/ Ni-cd AAAA AAA SC C


    -Identify battery type
    -A compact and mini USB charger
    -ASB+ PC+ Fire proof resistant materials
    -2A lightening fast charging in the "2A" slot